Defective Products and Medical Devices

Sometimes companies will recall a product because it is unsafe for customer use. We have all heard about product recalls or warnings in regard to cars or car parts, medical devices, medications, and home products. If a dangerous device causes injury, you may have the right to bring a claim against the product manufacturer or even the store that sold the unsafe product.

Medical devices and dangerous pharmaceuticals fall into their own legal category since generally they are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration or “FDA”. Our lawyers help people who have been injured by dangerous medications and defective medical devices. If a recall is issued because a drug or medical device is unsafe, it is best to contact an attorney immediately to preserve your rights.

We are currently handling the following types of prescription drug cases:

We are currently handling the following types of medical device cases:

    • Essure
    • Hernia / Abdominal mesh
    • IVC Filters
    • Surgical Staplers
    • 3M Military Earplugs.